Yep, you heard correctly, Block Empires now has pets! These cute little guys will follow you around wherever you go! You can even name them whatever you want!

Pet's are a new feature to Block Empires that will be used to celebrate upcoming server events. For example, for Valentines we'd have a baby red sheep pet, or St. Patricks day we'd have a green baby sheep. And when the event/holiday is over you'll no longer be able to purchase it until the next time it's available, if ever. Once you've purchased a pet, you'll have access to that pet forever! 

To celebrate the release of Block Empires Alpha we are happy to release to you the Baby Slime Pet. This pet will only be available for purchase during BE Alpha, when Alpha is over (July 1), it will no longer be able to be purchased. So, when Alpha is over, you'll be the only one that has that pet, along with other people who have purchased it in the Alpha stage. The Baby Slime Pet will only ever be available at this time, so this is your only chance to get it!

Get the Baby Slime Pet Now!:

Once you've gotten your Pet, type "/pet <petname>" to begin the cuteness!