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When it first released in 2011, L.A. Noire was an anomaly; its facial capture tech was an innovative showcase of animation, and it's focus on slower-paced interrogation puzzles widely contrasted the big-budget shooters of the time. Six y...
Published Nov 18, 2017
Some fans have already gotten a taste of Star Wars Battlefront II thanks to its early trial on EA/Origin Access, but today marks the game's official release. While much of the conversation around it has centered on its controversial hand...
Published Nov 18, 2017
Our 72-hour Extra Life livestream for charity begins now and we're giving away a LOT of awesome games, consoles, figures, and more throughout the stream.TO ENTER: You're automatically entered for a chance to win awesome prizes when you d...
Published Nov 18, 2017
The latest entry in Netflix's Marvel universe has been released. The Punisher follows Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) as he seeks out vigilante justice, after being introduced in the second season of Daredevil.What to critics think of the ne...
Published Nov 18, 2017
Happy Friday! Join Jess McDonell and Dan Crowd on GameSpot News where we can hopefully wrap up all remaining microtransaction news for the week and year (probably not going to happen)! Here’s what we discuss in today’s episode:Star Wars ...
Published Nov 18, 2017