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Ahead of Gamescom 2017, Nintendo unveiled three brand new pieces of content for its Switch team-based shooter, Splatoon 2. These include a new map, a new Salmon Run stage, and a new special weapon, all of which are set to debut soon.The ...
Published Aug 22, 2017
The long-awaited sequel to the sci-fi classic Blade Runner arrives in October, and a new trailer has been released. This one is more focused on the plot than some of the earlier teasers, and confirms that Jared Leto's character is very m...
Published Aug 22, 2017
The NES Classic Edition featured the ability to suspend and resume a game from any point, essentially working like an extremely flexible save system. For the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo has expanded on this with a new Rewind feature.P...
Published Aug 22, 2017
The only thing better than getting hands on with the SNES Classic early is seeing how it physically compares with the NES Classic and other objects. Along with decorating an SNES Classic with a Pikachu and a Servbot, we paired the hotly ...
Published Aug 22, 2017
Bayek finds himself exploring the bustling city of Memphis. Things are going well until he pulls a guard off his horse and stab him in the face. Because why not?
Published Aug 22, 2017